TerraSmart announces a bifacial racking solution

TerraSmart has introduced a new ground-mounted racking solution, GLIDE, designed specifically for bifacial solar modules. The solution is compatible with bifacial modules. This allows complete exposure of the bifacial module and maximises the power yield potential. The product has an intuitive design, which is based on 10 years of direct field experience to improve installation efficiency with simplified connections. It has agile parts and very limited hardware. It accommodates slope tolerances up to 36 per cent. With an installer-friendly design and value-engineered steel members, TerraSmart’s new product has a significantly reduced price per watt, making GLIDE a competitive racking solution.

The product is available for portrait and landscape orientations. TerraSmart GLIDE Portrait or TGP is a fixed-tilt ground-mounted racking solution with TerraSmart’s proprietary ground screw foundation, making it suitable for all soil conditions. The TerraSmart GLIDE Landscape or TGL is the company’s first fixed-tilt racking system that offers complete bifacial compatibility with no shadows at the back and integrated electrical bonding. Both TGP and TGL have a 20-year warranty, and have been designed to ensure that the modules are structurally supported during the production life of the solar project. The product has been certified as per the latest standard, UL 27033 Edition 1, to ensure product safety, bankability and simplified electrical inspection.


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