LONGi Solar launches new Hi-MO X modules

LONGi Solar has launched Hi-MO X modules. These are high efficiency modules using mono-passivated emitter and rear cell technology. The product has a shingled layout to achieve a leading front-side module conversion efficiency of 20 per cent. Hi-MO X is suitable for all rooftop solar installations and is available in 400 W (72-cell) and 350 W (60-cell) peak power variants. The product has an innovative circuit design, which eliminates power losses caused by solder strip shading and a novel cell series-parallel circuit design, which significantly increases power generation performance in shaded conditions. The low working current of the cell string circuit design reduces hotspots and hotspot temperatures. For the Hi-MO X modules, Longi uses DuPont’s Tedlar as the backsheet material. According to the company, the new solar modules can generate more power, and are safer and more reliable. The full square monocrystalline cells are shingled seamlessly, with clearly defined and smooth lines that give a sleek and elegant appearance.


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