Usha Shriram launches new solar inverters

Usha Shriram, a multi-product company, has launched a range of smart on-grid inverters under the brand “Eurolex”. The inverters have been aesthetically designed with aluminium heat exchangers and range in size from 2 kVA to 200 kVA to suit different installations and applications. The products have an extendable warranty of up to 25 years. The new products promise higher efficiency and output to consumers. They have inbuilt SPDs on both the alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC) side, and a permissible DC overloading limit of 35 per cent. The inverters have an add-on feature of Bluetooth connectivity for easier monitoring of system performance through mobile phones. The inverters are also easy to install and operate. The company offers online and on-site after-sales support on the product. These inverters are available across India and are priced between Rs 35,000 and Rs 250,000 for sizes ranging from 3 kVA to 50 kVA.


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