Growatt launches new single-phase inverter in India

Growatt recently launched its newest and most advanced residential inverter, MIN 2500-6000 TL-X, in India. This new inverter has a compact and elegant design. It has an organic LED display and a touch button, which has a long lifespan and can last over 3 million clicks, as per the company. The inverter uses “aerospace grade” flame-retardant lightweight materials, making it easy for it to be carried and installed. It is reportedly about 35 per cent lighter than other common inverters and promises a better user experience.

Designed with the standard Universal Serial Bus and RS485 interface, the user can choose other configuration options such as Wi-Fi, GPRS and 4G. After setting up the communication module, consumers can monitor system performance by logging on to the Growatt OSS (online smart service) platform. In addition, the product promises a higher efficiency of up to 98.4 per cent and better protection for solar PV systems with Type II surge protective devices (SPDs) and optional arc-fault circuit interrupters.


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