Waaree Energies launches its Super 400 series module

Indian solar photovoltaic (PV) module manufacturer Waaree Energies Limited has launched its new series of solar modules called Super 400. The Super 400 series has a 144 cell mono-passivated emitter rear contact (PERC) module with a 400 Wp output. It also has the Super 400 Pro Module, which is a 144 cell bifacial module. The new series promises better performance in all climatic conditions due to its revolutionary design. The modules have lower nominal module operating temperature and power losses. They can also withstand heavy wind and snow loads.

The new module series reportedly provides enhanced power output in case of partial shadow and is resistant to photo-induced degradation. The company claims these new modules can be deployed with the lowest inter-row spacing within a power plant. Hence, the area required for the installation of the Super 400 Series modules is 5-20 per cent less than that required by other modules. Despite the lower space requirement, the modules reportedly provide 8 per cent higher output as compared to regular modules. This new 400 Wp cut cell module series is said to be ideal for rooftop solar applications, owing to its higher output and efficiency, as well as lower space utilisation. It is suitable for both commercial and residential applications, as per the company. The modules have a minimum life of 25 years and come with Waaree Energies’ standard maintenance service. The new modules are being manufactured at Waaree’s 1.5 GW module manufacturing plant in Gujarat.


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