Nordex launches new wind turbines for less complex wind power sites

Nordex has launched the fourth wind turbine model in the Delta4000 series, the N155/4.5. The N155 utilises the same proven mechanical architecture of the Delta4000 series but has a longer glass fibre rotor and a different hub set-up to optimise performance for specific site conditions. The wind turbine has a rated capacity of 4.5 MW and a rotor diameter of 155 metres. The new product builds on the standard technical platform of the Delta4000 series so as to leverage common components while creating optimised derivatives to achieve the lowest cost of energy for specific markets.

The N155/4.5 is aimed at growth markets with medium wind conditions and without strict requirements on maximum noise levels or high levels of effective turbulence intensity. This could include locations around the globe but would fit optimally in much of the US, Latin America and South Africa, and at certain sites in Asia. The turbine will initially be launched with three tower configurations including a 108 m steel tower, a 120 m concrete tower, and a 164 m hybrid tower. Production of the N155/4.5 wind turbine is due to start in late 2020.