Hartek Solar launches rooftop solar kits

Hartek Solar, the rooftop solar division of the Chandigarh-based Hartek Group, has launched small-scale customised rooftop solar kits. These 5-10 kWp plug-and-play kits are designed for houses, housing societies, nursing homes, small commercial establishments, hotels and micro, small and medium enterprises.

A 5 kWp solar kit is best suited for 1 kanal houses. It can produce 20 units of electricity per day, enough to run 10 fans, three laptops, three television sets, one air-conditioner, one refrigerator, 10 CFL lights, 10 LED bulbs, a microwave oven and a 1 Hp water pump. According to the company, the break-even period for the kit is three years and four months. The 10 kWp kits are ideal for 2 kanal houses, nursing homes, hotels and other commercial establishments.

Hartek Solar has also decided to extend services for cleaning modules on a fortnightly or monthly basis, checking the efficiency of solar plants every three months and servicing the inverters twice a year.


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