CCEA approves continuation of Off-Grid and Decentralised Solar PV Applications Programme – Phase III

The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs has approved the implementation of the Off-Grid and Decentralised Solar Photovoltaic Applications Programme Phase III to achieve 118 MW of capacity by 2020. Under the programme, about 0.3 million solar street lights will be installed throughout the country, with special emphasis on areas where there is no facility for street lighting systems through grid power, the north-eastern states and left-wing-extremism (LWE)-affected districts. In addition, stand-alone solar power plants of up to 25 kW size will be promoted, with the aim to provide electricity to schools, hostels, panchayats, police stations and other public service institutions. The aggregate capacity of the solar power plants should not exceed 100 MW. A total of 2.5 million solar study lamps will also be provided in the north-eastern states and LWE-affected districts.


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