SMA introduces a new range of Sunny Central inverter

SMA has launched the Sunny Central 2750-EV-US inverter, following the launch of Sunny Central 2500-EV-US, which was the first utility-scale inverter to be listed to the UL 62109 standard.

The Sunny Central 2750-EV-US inverter saves costs by reducing the size of the direct current (DC) cabling, as well as the quantity of combiner boxes and medium voltage equipment used in the inverter. Additionally, fewer system components are needed per inverter pad due to the integrated DC fuse servicing switches and convenience power.

The Sunny Central 2750-EV-US represents a new level of safety, functionality and reliability as it complies with UL 62109, addressing the latest safety, ground fault and electric shock testing requirements established to address modern photovoltaic (PV) inverter designs.

With fewer system components, the installation and commissioning of the Sunny Central 2750-EV-US are fast and simple. It can be used as a stand-alone solution, but is also ready for integration into the SMA Medium Voltage Power Station with the DC combiner, medium voltage switchgear and power plant controller for a complete utility solution. The Sunny Central 2750-EV-US also includes SMA’s unique OptiCool precision cooling technology for the most intelligent and efficient cooling, creating additional savings and contributing to the lowest cost of ownership in utility-scale PV.

Utilising SMA’s field-proven central inverter technology with minor component changes, this solution will result in higher power yields as well as lower specific costs.