Siddharth Malik

Founder & MD, Megawatt Solutions Private Limited

Siddharth Malik is founder and managing director of Megawatt Solutions Private Limited, a company that leverages various clean energy technologies to provide economical solutions to help reduce fuel costs and carbon emissions. Malik is responsible for the overall management of the firm and represents the industry on various government committees and industrial platforms.

In the past, he has worked with multiple companies in the energy sector such as Kinsale Energy LLC as an adviser in its energy procurement services group; and as a corporate strategist and business developer at US-based Quadlogic Controls Corporation, in the field of metering and smart grid infrastructure solutions. He also served as manager at Con Edison, New York, after completing his degree in engineering and management at the University of Pennsylvania.

Commenting on the country’s renewable energy sector, Malik says, “India as a nation is at a crossroads and has carved out its own strategy to enable sustainable renewable energy growth, economically and climate-wise.” According to him, no country today matches India’s activity in the renewable energy sector. He calls this an “action-packed” energy landscape with new discoveries being made across all energy options – nuclear, solar, wind, biomass, hydro, etc. It is leading by example for the world to follow.

Looking back, Malik says his most memorable assignment was his stint with Con Edison, a utility service provider for electricity, water, steam, gas, etc., in New York City. It gave him a deep understanding about underground stations and the challenges in supplying uninterrupted energy to the city of New York. The utility also offered a highly diverse environment, with people from all walks of life, which was a great learning experience for Malik.

He defines his managerial style as affinitive and participative. His biggest strength lies in his ability to simplify the most complicated tasks and align diverse interests to accomplish  the task at hand.

Outside of work, he likes to spend his time reading about new developments in science, playing the guitar and tennis, and going on long nature walks. His wife Rishika is a lawyer specialising in nuclear law, a sculptor and a “great mother” to their three-year-old daughter, who is a powerhouse of energy and a born musician.


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