Huawei launches connected solar smart home solution

Inverter manufacturer Huawei has launched its FusionHome smart energy system for the European market at Intersolar Europe 2017 in Munich. The system aims to combine domestic solar system installations as well as intelligent monitoring solutions with smart domestic appliances.

A smart energy system allows communication between the rooftop solar system and intelligent home appliances, thus controlling power flows within a household to maximise self-consumption.

The system will eliminate the need for consumers to invest in ESSs, which come at a high cost; however, a DC-coupled storage interface has also been included in case the user wants to retrofit batteries.

Other features of the system are aimed at enhancing solar efficiency. The optimisers help in the installation of solar modules in shaded areas and allow different module types to be installed within one string. In addition, FusionHome helps increase inverter efficiency by up to 98.6 per cent. All these factors can help boost energy yields by around 30 per cent.