RNRG offers measurement kit to quantify the site-specific impact of soiling on PV projects

Renewable NRG Systems (RNRG) offers a soiling measurement kit that provides users with the information needed to quantify the site-specific impacts of soiling caused by snow, dust and other particles on prospective and current photovoltaic (PV) projects. This data can be used to improve pre-construction annual energy production estimates as well as maintenance schedules (panel washing) and forecast models in the post-construction setting.

The measurement kit enables the determination of site-specific soiling loss characteristics. It also helps in the measurement of short circuit current and back-of-module temperature with the user’s choice of statistical interval as well as optional 1 Hz sample data collection for flexible analysis options to meet data demands.

The kit can be installed easily as an accessory to NRG’s solar resource assessment system. It interfaces with the SymphoniePRO Data Logger. In order to accommodate the output signals, the data logger must be equipped with the PRO signal conditioning module or four P-SCM cards.