REC launches the latest version of its TwinPeak solar module

Singapore-based PV manufacturer REC has launched the latest version of its TwinPeak solar module. The 60-cell multicrystalline TwinPeak 2 module can deliver up to 295 Wp of output and employs a larger-size wafer (156.75 mm). REC has leveraged its relatively high level of vertical integration in production to deploy a larger-size wafer.

Further, the TwinPeak 2 module in-corporates a number of efficiency-boosting cell and module technologies, including half-cut multicrystalline passivated emitter rear cells, five busbar cell interconnections, and split junction boxes. With a module efficiency of 17.7 per cent, the company claims that the new module delivers a 20 W boost over other multicrystalline modules. In addition, the module maintains power output even when partly shaded, without deploying optimising hardware. As per REC, the TwinPeak 2 module is completely free from potential induced degradation, even in harsh climatic conditions.