First Ammonia and Uniper collaborate on green ammonia project in Texas

Uniper, a German energy company, and First Ammonia, a New York-based ammonia plant developer, have decided to join forces on a green ammonia project at the port of Victoria, Texas. The companies announced their collaboration plans on October 30, 2023 during the US-German Hydrogen Conference in Berlin.

Furthermore, First Ammonia will create ammonia from renewable electricity at their flagship site in Port of Victoria, Texas. Moreover, the project will employ solid-oxide electrolyser cells (SOEC) in order to provide green ammonia and minimise greenhouse gas emissions for consumers by implementing a power-to-ammonia strategy based on the combination of high temperature SOEC with an exothermic ammonia synthesis mechanism.

Each 100 MW module utilised in the initiative is estimated to produce up to 100,000 MTPA of green ammonia, which is equivalent to 180,000-240,000 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide prevented each year when compared with grey ammonia. Reportedly, production of green ammonia is scheduled to begin in 2026, before the swift build up facilitated by modular architecture, assisting Uniper’s industrial and worldwide customers.