Seagreen offshore park commences operations in Scotland

The Seagreen offshore wind farm, with a capacity of 1.1 GW, has commenced commercial operations in Scotland. The project is a partnership between TotalEnergies and SSE renewables. In the Seagreen offshore wind farm, TotalEnergies holds a 51 per cent share, with SSE Renewables having the remaining 49 per cent.

Furthermore, the wind farm, which is 27 km from the Angus coast in the Firth of Forth of the North Sea, has 114 Vestas V164-10.0 MW turbines and is anticipated to provide sufficient energy each year to power over 1.6 million homes, which is equivalent to roughly two-thirds of Scotland’s inhabitants.

SSE Renewables was in charge of the project’s conception and construction and will run the wind farm for the duration of its anticipated 25-year lifespan. The first Seagreen turbine’s output was fed into the grid in August 2022 and the final turbine was installed in June 2023. Reportedly, through corporate power purchase agreements chosen in open bidding, the park’s output will be sold. Business clients will be eligible to purchase electricity under five-year contracts in lots of 20 MW or 100 GWh annually.

In August 2023, BlueFloat Energy and Renantis appointed Doris to design two offshore floating wind farms in Scotland. One of the wind farms, Bellrock, is located 50 km north of Fraserburgh, while Broadshore is located 130 km east of Aberdeen. The respective farms will supply 1.2 GW and 900 MW, totaling 2.1 GW.