RSOLEC unveils $300 million investment plan for new solar venture

Renaissance Solar and Electronic Materials (RSOLEC), a solar company operating in both India and the United States, made a groundbreaking announcement regarding its establishment and launch alongside a substantial planned investment of approximately $300 million. The company will leverage its international presence and knowledge in the production of solar and electronic materials, placing particular emphasis on advancements in solar crystal growth and wafering.

The company’s agenda for the upcoming five years will center around crystal growth and wafering operations within India. Additionally, RSOLEC envisions an expansion of its manufacturing footprint across the entirety of the solar value chain in the long term.

The facility will use the recharge czochralski process, which can be adapted to the continuous czochralski method for crystal growth. The production of wafers is based on the DCW platform, which can create thin wafers with a thickness of under 100 micrometers. The main output is a silicon wafer that is suitable for all solar cell technologies, including TOPCon, PERC, HJT, and tandem structures, and has a low oxygen content, a long lifetime, and controlled resistivity. The goal of the company is to produce crystals with homogeneous resistivity, which could raise cell efficiency by 0.15 per cent. The magnetic czochralski platform will be used for specific customers who require very low oxygen content. The factory will be able to manufacture wafers in a range of sizes, including M10, G12, and G16. The company has set initial manufacturing capacity at 5 GW, with long-term expansion goals exceeding 20 GW. Furthermore, the facility is scheduled to be commissioned by the end of 2025, with commercial operation in 2026.