Iberdrola completes 74 MW hybrid wind-solar project in Spain

Iberdrola, a Spanish utility, has announced the completion of the construction of a 74 MW solar photovoltaic farm in Burgos. This solar project will hybridise the existing 69 MW BaCa – Ballestas and Casetona – wind power complex. Furthermore, the company has allocated more than €40 million for this project.

The solar farm includes over 120,000 modules installed on sites in three municipalities – Revilla Vallejera, Villamedianilla and Vallejera in Burgos provinces. The project will be hybridised with Iberdrola’s 69 MW BaCa wind farm complex via the same grid connection and shared infrastructure. Reportedly, the project is under the commissioning process. Overall, the construction of the project involved 360 professionals.

In July 2023, Iberdrola SA signed agreements to supply renewable electricity to Vodafone in Germany, Portugal, and Spain under three power purchase agreements. As per the terms of the three agreements, the UK-based telecoms operator will obtain 410 GWh of solar energy annually. The recently constructed Velilla solar PV plant in Palencia, Spain, will supply Vodafone Portugal, and the Cedillo PV project in Caceres, Spain, will provide Vodafone Spain with 280 GWh annually.