Germany launches 190 MW rooftop solar and 288-MW biomass tenders

The Federal Network Agency of Germany has opened tenders for 190.11 MW of rooftop solar capacity and 287.85 MW of biomass-fired power plants. The bid submission deadline for both auctions is October 2. The maximum bid price for rooftop solar systems is set at $ 0.122 per kWh. This is the final auction round for solar installations on buildings and noise barriers for 2023. Overall, a total of capacity of 650 MW was planned to be issued in the current year for the category.

Total award from the first two rounds was 388 MW. As a result of the 195 MW in selected projects, the first tender fell short of the intended 217 MW, but the second round was oversubscribed. Current auction bids for new biomass-fired plants are set at $ 0.19 per kWh, while bids for supporting existing facilities are supported up to $ 0.22 per kWh.

Recently, Amprion, a German transmission system operator, announced plans for the Windader West energy corridor, which would bring up to 8 GW of power from offshore wind farms in the North Sea to North Rhine-Westphalia. After phasing out nuclear power on April 15, 2023, Germany has replaced a part of its domestic uncompetitive fossil-based electricity generation with imports, mainly renewable energy-based electricity. By 2030, 80 per cent of Germany’s electricity consumption is expected to come from green energy sources. As a result, the country is actively advancing its portfolio of solar, wind and biomass projects.