SJVN auctions 1.5 GW renewables with storage

SJVN Limited’s auction to supply 1.5 GW of power from ISTS-connected renewable energy with energy storage has been won by seven bidders. The winning tariffs are in the range of Rs 4.38 to 4.39 per kWh and 1.18 GW of capacity has been allocated out of the total tendered capacity of 1.5 GW.

ACME Solar, Juniper Green and Tata Power Renewables have all quoted a tariff of Rs 4.38 per kWh to win 250 MW, 200 MW and 200 MW respectively. Meanwhile, the four remaining bidders all quoted Rs 4.39 per kWh. These include ReNew which won 184 MW, Solarcraft Power (Bluepine) which won 150 MW, Hero Solar which won 120 MW and finally TEQ Green (O2 Power) which won 80 MW.

This tender had been issued in June 2023 and the winning bidders are responsible for getting their own ISTS connectivity as well. Meanwhile, the tender permits renewable energy or storage projects that are commissioned or are under construction, but do not have any tied capacity.