Borosil Renewables Assessing Solar Module Recycling

  • Seeks recycling technology partners to develop and scale the initiative

National, 28th August 2023: Borosil Renewables Ltd., a multinational solar glass manufacturing company, has expressed intent to enter into the recycling of solar PV modules. This initiative aims to establish industry best practices in the extraction and utilization of the materials being recovered from the recycling process.

Borosil Renewables has integrated solar glass manufacturing operations in India (1000 tons per day, equivalent to 6 GW) and Europe (350 tons per day, equivalent to 2 GW) and is well known for its innovations and pioneering achievements in solar glass manufacturing.

Having one of the lowest carbon footprints in solar glass manufacturing globally, the company intends to continue further on the path to sustainability by starting a solar PV module recycling business that aims to extract valuable materials that have been used in the fabrication of solar modules after the end of their useful life.

The company is now seeking to collaborate with relevant equipment suppliers & technology partners for this opportunity.

Speaking on this development, Mr. Pradeep Kheruka, Executive Chairman, of Borosil Renewables Ltd. said, “We are looking forward to taking our credentials related to sustainability and circularity to the next level and are looking at solar module recycling as a next big opportunity. It is our larger intent at Borosil to be proactive on the environmental front and follow the best industry practices to make our business truly sustainable. With more than a decade of presence in the solar industry and a deep-rooted relationship with all the important Indian and global stakeholders like solar module manufacturers, solar project developers, policymakers, etc., we firmly believe that we are well-placed to achieve success in this area. We look forward to launching this initiative with the right technology partners who are experts in the domain to integrate this technology into our manufacturing capabilities.”

Borosil Renewables is  looking to collaborate with technology partners who have established the environmentally friendly solar module recycling process and recovering maximum components such as precious metals (Silver), Cell material (Silicon) besides Glass, Aluminum, Copper, etc.,  and looking positively for the technologies having more than 95% recycling efficiency.

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About Borosil Renewables Limited

Part of the Borosil Group, experienced in manufacturing specialty glass spans six decades, Borosil Renewables Limited (BRL) is engaged in manufacturing of low-iron-textured solar glass for applications in photovoltaic panels, flat-plate collectors, and greenhouses. Borosil Renewables is the first solar glass manufacturer in India. The company commissioned India’s first solar glass manufacturing facility at Bharuch, Gujarat in January 2010. It has become a trendsetter in the solar glass industry with its specialized products and pioneering achievements, including a low carbon footprint. BRL is the first company in the world to develop a manufacturing process that does not require the use of a highly toxic element Antimony (Sb) in solar glass and also the first to develop a fully tempered solar glass in 2mm thickness. The company supplies solar glass to almost all India’s PV module manufacturers while exporting ~30% of its production to European Union, Turkey, USA, and MENA. During the year ended March 31, 2023, BRL recorded net consolidated revenue of INR 8934 mn (~USD 109 mn).

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