Livsol unveils wall-mounted battery inverter

Livsol has introduced wall-mo­unted solar in­verters with built-in lithium-ion batteries. The lithium batteries can be charged using both solar and grid electricity. The inverters are available with operating voltages of 12.8 V, 12.8 V, 25.6 V, 51.2 V and 48 V and power ratings of 300 VA, 1 kVA, 2 kVA, 3 kVA and 5 kVA. The 300 VA system is 240 mm x 250 mm x 230 mm in size, and weighs 8.5 kg. The 5 kVA system has dimensions of 495 mm x 430 mm x 47 mm, and weighs 52 kg. At a 400 W load, the 5 kVA model can supply power backup for 10 to 11 hours. As per the company’s statement, the inverter is made to be placed on a tabletop, making it easy to install. The user-friendly interface of this in­verter provides information such as input and output voltages, frequency, ba­ttery voltage, load status, protections, configuration settings and more. Addi­ti­o­nally, to charge the batteries and support the load during the day, the inverter selects the solar power source first. This reduces the power consumption for battery charging and lowers the cost of electricity for customers.