Gruner and Sanmish Energies collaborate for bio-CNG pump infrastructure

Gruner Renewable Energy announced a strategic joint venture with Sanmish Energies.This collaboration aims to revolutionise the country’s greener energy landscape by establishing a strong infrastructure of bio-compressed natural gas (bio-CNG) pumps. The joint venture has signed a one-year contract with the goal of developing 100 bio-CNG pumps by the end of the current financial year across India.

By leveraging their collective expertise, Gruner Renewable Energy and Sanmish Energies seek to meet the growing demand for sustainable energy solutions and promote the widespread adoption of bio-CNG. These pumps will offer a cleaner and more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional fuels, significantly reducing carbon emissions.

The partnership between Gruner Renewable Energy and Sanmish Energies brings together Gruner’s established expertise in Biogas solutions and Sanmish’s comprehensive knowledge of product and service offerings to design, engineer, and implement bespoke solutions. This collaboration guarantees the creation of a resilient network of Bio-CNG pumps, facilitating convenient access to greener energy alternatives across the nation.

The collaboration between the two organisations will leverage the strengths of both entities. Gruner Renewable’s extensive experience in Biogas solutions and Sanmish Energies’ expertise in all Natural gas Biogas and LPG requirements solutions will ensure the successful implementation of this ambitious project.