Himadri invests $6.7 million in Sicona Battery Technologies in Australia

Himadri Speciality Chemical Limited, a specialised chemical company headquartered in Kolkata has announced an investment of $6.7 million in an Australian firm named Sicona Battery Technologies. The company has raised a 12.79 per cent interest in Sicona with this Series A investment.

Sicona, situated in Sydney, specialises in lithium-ion battery high-capacity silicon anode technology. It has created next-generation battery materials technology for the anodes of lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries.

Recently, in May 2023, EMO Energy, a battery-tech company based in Bengaluru raised Rs 100 million in a seed round led by Transition VC and co-led by Gruhas. According to EMO, ZEN PAC, a portable 20-minute charge battery pack for two- and three-wheelers is an application created by the company. ZEN PAC has the lowest total operating cost of Rs 1 per km and has a 120 per cent increase in the life of regular NMC and LFP cells.

In addition, Avaada Group announced that it has raised $1.07 billion to fund its green hydrogen and green ammonia ventures in India as a part of its ongoing $ 1.3 billion fundraise plan. Brookfield Renewable, through its Brookfield Global Transition Fund, will be investing up to $1 billion in Avaada Ventures Private Limited.