Visakh Sasikumar: Founder, Fyn Mobility

Visakh Sasikumar, founder of Fyn Mobility, is an entrepreneur with over a decade of experience in the electric vehicle (EV) industry. He incubated Fyn Mobility, a vertically integrated EV ecosystem platform for logistics and commute, during his time at IIT-Madras. Through his career, he has successfully launched three EV products and been engaged in fundraising, strategic planning and scaling up businesses.

The aspect that Sasikumar finds most interesting about his work is the exposure to new challenges every day. “Being part of a startup and working on a fresh and new business model keeps us on our toes,” he says. Sasikumar’s role at Fyn Mobility is multi-fa­ceted and he finds each aspect to be incredibly exciting. He is passionate about driving the adoption of EVs and digitalising the logistics industry for enhanced efficiency. Moreover, he finds it very satisfying to build, manage and mentor a talented team. Fundraising in challenging times has also been an exciting experience. Going forward, the company is working towards reshaping the logistics industry.

According to Sasikumar, the EV manufacturing industry in India faces several pressing issues. These include supply chain volatility due to import dependency, high capex needs for setting up manufacturing and R&D facilities, ambiguity around subsidy timelines, and inadequate charging infrastructure. Collaborative efforts are needed by both the government and the private sector to es­ta­blish a sustainable and robust EV ecosystem. Encouraging domestic component production, extending financial support to startups, and ensuring a stable policy framework with clear subsidy timelines are some of the steps that can be taken.

Sasikumar’s management style is focused on creating a positive and empowering work environment, where individuals get the opportunity to develop their skills while working towards a comm­on goal. “I encourage a culture of innovation, where everyone has the freedom to think creatively and generate fresh ideas,” he says.

Sasikumar has a bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering fr­om the College of Engineering, Trivandrum and an MBA from IIT-Ma­dras. In his leisure time, he indulges in sports and reads business-related books. He also enjoys exploring new restaurants and cuisines, and going on long drives. “Most importantly, I find it valu­a­ble to network with people in my spare time. Building relationships and connecting with people from different backgrounds and industries enable me to gain new perspectives and insights,” he says.