Manas Majumdar: Partner and National Leader, Oil and Gas, Chemicals, KPMG India

Manas Majumdar is an engineer by qualification and completed his graduation and post-graduation from IIT Delhi. He then wanted to focus on the business side of work and went on to get an MBA from IIM Calcutta. In between, he wor­ked with the Tata Group. After completing his MBA, he entered the strategic consultancy world with Kearney where he fo­cu­sed primarily on energy consulting and advised clients ac­ross the world, including the US, the Middle East, Singapore and India. Subsequently, he joined KPMG, where he is currently working as partner, and national leader on oil and gas, and chemicals.

When asked about the most exciting part of his work, Majundar remarks, “I think it’s the same thing that drew me to business consulting in the first place – the excitement of solving new problems and making an impact in people’s lives. This manifests even now as the world cycles through the challenges of energy transition and decarbonisation. Oil and gas is not just about oil but about being sustainable and venturing into electrification or biofuels, or green hydrogen. So, there is always something new to challenge you.”

According to him, hydrogen is an established component of the refinery setup and in oil and gas. Green hydrogen production technologies and economics are still evolving. In order to scale up the segment, it is important to focus on both dema­nd-side and supply-side enablers. On the supply side, he thinks it is important to ensure a cost-effective supply of green hydrogen to end-users. This requires efficient renewable energy supply, indigenous electrolyser availability and green financing support. On the demand side, he feels it is important to ensure adoption by key users, such as refineries and fertiliser plants, through consumption obligations, incentives and a streamlined supply and procurement framework.

“My leadership style is what I would term a directional consensus builder. I set the direction and path we need to take but ensure there is consensus and alignment on it so that the team takes that path and delivers on the task. And while I make the final decision, I am open to suggestions, so there is broader ownership.”

He ensures he gets adequate time with his family. He loves travelling and exploring new places. He enjoys trekking, swimming, reading and watching web series.