RUMSL floats bids for 13.8 GW of pumped hydro storage capacity

Rewa Ultra Mega Solar Ltd (RUMSL) has issued a request for proposals to allot sites for a total of 13.8 GW of pumped hydro storage development in Madhya Pradesh. According to a notification,there are a total of 12 sites available for the construction of pumped hydro storage capacities ranging from capacities between 600 MW to 2 GW.

According to the tender guidelines, to be qualified in the bidding, the bidder must have executed a power generation project either conventional or renewable power with a capacity equal to 25 per cent of the total estimated potential

In November 2022, RUMSL requested bids from consultants to prepare a detailed project report for developing the Morena wind-solar hybrid project with energy storage in Madhya Pradesh. In order to participate in the bidding process, bidders are required to submit Rs 500,000 as a security deposit. Also, the successful bidder must submit an amount equivalent to 10 per cent of the contract value as a performance security deposit.