Optimal Generation Capacity Mix for 2029-30: CEA Report

The Central Electricity Authority (CEA) has released a report on optimal generation capacity mix for 2029-30.

As per the report, the likely installed capacity by the end of the year 2029-30 will be 777,144 MW. This will include 292,566 MW of solar photovoltaic, followed by 251,683 MW of coal and lignite, 99,895 MW of wind, 53,860 MW of hydro, 24,824 MW of gas, 18,986 MW of pumped storage projects, 15,480 of nuclear, 14,500 MW of biomass, and 5,350 MW of small hydro.

The projected gross electricity generation during the year 2029-30 is likely to be 2,440.7 billion units (BUs) comprising of 1,364.5 BUs from thermal (coal, gas and lignite), 984 BUs from renewable energy sources (including 222.5 BUs from hydro), and 92.2 BUs from nuclear. It is estimated that non-fossil fuels generation contribution is likely to be around 44 per cent of the gross electricity generation during the year 2029-30.

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