Amara Raja to establish Li-ion cell and battery pack manufacturing in Telangana

Amara Raja, a battery manufacturer announced that it plans to establish Telangana’s first gigafactory for lithium cell and battery pack manufacturing. The gigafactory is planned to employ approximately 4,500 people directly and a comparable number indirectly. The production facility will have a capacity of up to 16 GWh and will serve both domestic and foreign markets.

The Amara Raja Giga Corridor offers the Amara Raja E +Ve Energy Labs, an advanced energy research and innovation centre. The company and other participants in the energy and mobility ecosystem will benefit from the facility’s extensive laboratories and testing facilities for material research, prototyping, product life cycle analysis among others.

In December 2022, Amara Raja Batteries Limited planned to invest Rs 95 billion over the period of next ten years in Telangana to establish Li-ion battery research and manufacturing facilities. The company aims to establish a lithium cell gigafactory with an ultimate capacity of up to 16 GWh and a battery pack assembly unit with a capacity of up to 5 GWh. On the proposed investment, the company has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Government of Telangana.

Also, in the same month, Nextracker collaborated with Amara Raja Power Systems to supply bifacial-optimised solar trackers to NTPC’s Nokh solar project in Rajasthan. Amara Raja is establishing a 306 MWp ground-mounted utility-scale power plant across 1,850 hectares. The Nokh project is expected to be operational by October 2023, with the first lot of Nextracker shipments arriving in Q1 of 2023.