OREDA floats bids for 300 EV services

Odisha Renewable Energy Development Agency (OREDA) has requested proposals to provide, own, operate, and maintain electric vehicle (EV) fleet services for 300 EVs. For a period of five years, the contractors must provide a comprehensive free annual maintenance contract. According to the tender document, EVs should be covered by a five-year warranty against manufacturing flaws. Also, the car batteries should also come with a free replacement warranty of up to five years or 100,000 kilometres (km), whichever comes first.

The chosen EV fleet service provider should deliver the electric car for a monthly travel distance of 2,000 km per vehicle for compact hatchback and sedan models and 2,500 km per vehicle for SUV models.  Electricity charges to distribution companies for charging electric vehicles will be borne by the EV fleet service provider. Anything over the monthly limit of 2,000 km per vehicle for compact and sedan vehicles and 2,500 km per vehicle for SUV vehicles will be repaid by OREDA in the form of variable charges.

The cost of charging for this distance will be included in the bidders’ monthly rental price. Bidders must supply and install chargers in beneficiary locations or in close proximity to beneficiary locations.The deadline for submitting bids is May 31, 2023.

In April 2023, Power Finance Corporation Limited (PFC), a Maharatna company and a leading Non-Banking Financial Company (NBFC) , sanctioned a loan of Rs 6.33 billion to Gensol Engineering Limited. The loan intends to purchase 5,000 passenger EVs and 1,000 cargo EVs. The passenger EVs will be leased to Blusmart Mobility Private Limited to expand its fleet of ride-hailing cabs.