Log9 Materials commissions its lithium battery cell factory in Bengaluru

Log9 Materials, based in Bengaluru has launched a lithium-ion cell production plant in Bengaluru’s site. The company’s factory will produce large-form cylindrical cells ranging from 22 series to 66 series to suit various vehicle applications. The manufacturing line will create LTO and LFP chemical cells and will have an initial cell production capacity of 50 MWh.

The company also assures that its cell line will follow an improved formation methodology, which will reduce processing time by 40 per cent, equipment dependency by 35 per cent, and cost per kWh by 6 per cent

Recently, in April 2023, Neogen Chemicals, an Indian speciality chemicals producer inked a technology licence deal with Japan’s MU Ionic Solutions (MUIS) to produce lithium-ion battery electrolytes.