KStar unveils battery inverter solution for C&I applications

KStar has laun­ched a new all-in-one energy st­o­rage solution, which includes an in­verter and a ba­ttery module. It is designed for use in commercial and industrial settings. The 5.12 kWh, 512 V batteries contain lithium iron phosphate battery cells from Contemporary Am­perex Technology Limited. They have a 1+1 redundancy design with two clusters of batteries connected in parallel, each with 10 modules. The batteries fit inside an outdoor cabinet that weighs 1.5 tonnes and has dimensions of 1,100 mm x 1,1000 mm x 2,380 mm. It has IP54 protection and can function in temperatures between -30 degrees C and 50 degrees C. The maximum operati­onal altitude is 4,000 metres, with derating beginning at 3,000 metres. The in­verter has 50 kW power output. It contains three maximum power point tracking (MPPT) devices with an input voltage range of 350-800 V.

The maximum PV input voltage is 1,000 V and the efficiency rating is 97.5 per cent. The transformer-less inverter me­a­sures 650 mm x 715 mm x 325 mm and weighs 75 kg. It comes with an IP65 rating and features intelligent air cooling. It functions in temperatures ranging from -25 degrees C to 60 de­grees C. The new solution has been pre-installed in the factory for simple on-site installation. It has a double-fire suppression design.