Eastern Railway issues request for proposals for 1 MW of rooftop solar systems

The Eastern Railway’s Howrah Division has floated bids for the installation of 1 MW of rooftop solar projects without battery backup at stations along the Howrah-Khana and Howrah-Bardhhaman line sections in West Bengal. The scope of work of the project includes rooftop solar system engineering, design, procurement, erection, installation, testing, and commissioning. The chosen project developer will also operate and maintain the systems for the next 25 years after they are commissioned.

The bidders must also submit a bid security of 2 per cent of the estimated project cost.  The project will be awarded to the bidder who offers the lowest tariff with no price increases for the next 25 years.

Bidders should demonstrate their technical capacity and experience by demonstrating that they have completed at least one solar project worth at least 35 per cent of the contracted capacity in the previous three fiscal years. The deadline for bid submissions is April 3, 2023.

Recently, in January 2023, Eastern Railways issued a request for proposals to install 1.9 MW of grid-connected rooftop solar systems across multiple sites in West Bengal’s Sealdah division. The scope of work entails conducting a survey, designing, fabricating, supplying, installing, testing, and commissioning 38 units of 50 kW grid-connected rooftop solar systems for three-phase 50 kW power with voltage ranging from 200V to 1,000V.