Indian States’ Electricity Transition: IEEFA’s report

While India’s revised Nationally Determined Contribution (NDC) targets put it on the right path for transitioning its electricity sector, it needs the cooperation of its states. IEFFA finds that renewable energy-rich states are not utilising their renewable energy generation potential. To fix this, states need to set well-defined renewable energy targets. States rich with renewable energy have the potential to act as export hubs and help other states meet their clean energy targets. At the same time, state energy departments also need to strengthen electricity infrastructure for better integration of renewables. States must also increase participation in green market mechanisms and have more favourable policies for the same. States must also improve data transparency for better evaluation of their progress to take corrective measures. Finally, states must also bridge the gap between electricity transition policy intent and implementation.

Access IEEFA’s report “Indian States’ Electricity Transition” here