MNRE releases order on renewable energy inclusions in Gati Shakti

The ministry of new and renewable energy (MNRE) has issued an order directing the PM Gati Shakti national master plan related to renewable energy. A cell has been created in the ministry for all the works related to PM Gati Shakti wherein entire communication can be done through the head of the cell. The renewable energy projects of capacity 50 MW and more are to be mapped on the PM Gati Shakti portal. The projects taken by the renewable energy implementation agencies (REIA) will be mapped on this national portal by Gati Shakti cell. The projects taken up by state schemes and tenders will be mapped by states on the respective state portals with linkage to the national portal.

The Gati Shakti cell in coordination with the National Institute of Wind Energy (NIWE) and BISAG-N will upload the resource maps of solar radiation and wind speed on the portal. The state transmission utilities will be mapping all the intra-state transmission infrastructure on the state’s portal in coordination with the Ministry of Power. To avoid the duplication of the Green Energy Corridor (GEC) infrastructure, the concerned transmission projects of GEC will be mapped by the states on the state portal with a distinct colour coding so that they can be added on the national portal.

The representatives of the Gati Shakti cell from the respective divisions of MNRE will cross check the authenticity of data along with the attributes submitted in the prescribed format.  After this verification, the data will be sent on the BISAG-N that will link the state’s portal to the national portal in coordination with the Gati Shakti cell. With collective efforts from NIWE and REIA, the Gati Shakti cell will check the data uploaded on the portal and will delete the unnecessary ones with approval from MNRE members of Network Planning Group (NPG). Further, multiple layers created for similar projects will be merged in coordination with BISAG-N.

Once, the mapping of all the existing projects is done, the procedure for uploading, verifying and approving the data will be done every month so as to update upcoming projects on the portal.