IberBlue Wind to establish offshore wind project in Portugal

IberBlue Wind, Spanish-Portuguese offshore wind developer has announced its plans to establish a floating offshore wind farm in Portugal with an installed capacity of 990 MW. The facility named Botafogo will be built offshore from Figueira da Foz. The facility will be spanned over an area of 359 square km.

The capacity will be equipped with 55 wind turbines, each with 18 MW of capacity. For this project, the company is working with ports and regional and local institutions to ensure that the Botafogo facility is integrated into the region in the best way possible. The project is expected to create job opportunities in the region, especially during its construction and operational phases. It will feature floating platforms anchored to the seabed, which will allow it to be located 30-50 km from the coast.

Recently, in February 2023, PV Hardware (PVH), a subsidiary of Gransolar of Spain, announced plans to construct the world’s largest solar tracker factory in Valencia, Spain. The Spanish solar tracker manufacturer recently acquired a plot of land that spans in an area more than 6 hectares as a location for the project. The new factory is expected to increase PVH’s global annual tracker production capacity to 25 GW.