DAS Solar launches bifacial module for residential PV

DAS Solar has introduced Black-Thru, an all-black n-type bifacial solar panel with 54 M10 PV cells and a double-glass design for residential rooftop applications. It has IEC61215 and IEC61730 standards-based certification. The series consists of five distinct panels with power ratings between 410 and 430 W, and efficiencies between 21 and 22 per cent. Its short-circuit current ranges from 13.91 A to 14.23 A, and the open-circuit voltage ranges from 37.73 V to 38.49 V. Each module weighs 24.7 kg and has dimensions of 1,722 mm x 1,134 mm x 30 mm. The panels have an IP 68-rated junction box and an anodised aluminium alloy frame. The modules have 1.6 mm-thick glass covering on both sides. They can operate between -40 °Celsius and 85 °Celsius, with a temperature coefficient of -0.3 per cent per °Celsius.

Reportedly, the module has a lightweight dual-glass structure, resulting in it being 3 kg lighter than an equivalent conventional dual-glass module and 0.7 kg lighter than a monofacial module. The manufacturer also claims a bifaciality factor of up to 80 per cent. The power gains range from 10 per cent to 30 per cent for the 410 MW and 430 MW modules, respectively. The panels are suitable for use in PV systems with a maximum voltage of 1,500 volts. DAS Solar provides a 15-year product warranty in ad­dition to a 30-year power output guara­ntee for 87.4 per cent of the initial yield.