Acquafront launches project to power boats with solar power

Acquafront Infrastructure, a floating solution provider has invented ‘i-Ghat,’ a futuristic project in Uttar Pradesh to power boats with solar energy. Acquafront was founded at IIT Kanpur’s startup incubation and innovation centre. The company creates floating infrastructure solutions. The project’s energy capacity was not specified.

The ‘i-Ghat’ project will integrate reinforced-cement concrete-based floats with solar cells and electric-powered boats using steel integrated floating jetty technology. It also has a floating charging station and provisions for swapping batteries for the battery-powered electric boats that generate solar energy through the concrete floating solar grid.

Acquafront has entered into the floatation industry with its unique products inspired from the SIFJ technology. Various variants of SIFJ are implemented across major segments of the floatation industry. The company undertakes turn-key projects for all the floatation requirements majorly through B2B and B2G sales channels.

Recently in November 2022, IIT Madras collaborated with Australian universities to establish the Australia-India Centre for Energy (AICE) to work on the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. AICE seeks to strengthen cooperation in the field of energy between academic institutions, research organisations, and businesses from both nations.