MSEDCL’s auction results out for 500 MW solar projects

The winners of the Maharashtra State Electricity Distribution Company’s (MSEDCL’s) auction to source 500 MW of long-term power from Phase IX of grid-connected intrastate solar projects have been announced. The winning companies include SolarArise, SJVN Green Energy, and Tata Power Renewable Energy (TPREL). As per the results, SolarArise quoted Rs 2.90 per kWh and won a capacity of 100 MW, followed by SJVN Green Energy, which quoted Rs 2.95 per kWh and won a capacity of 200 MW. TPREL submitted a bid for 300 MW, but was granted 200 MW after quoting Rs 2.97 per kWh using the bucket-filling method.

In October 2022, MSEDCL announced the tender to purchase 500 MW of solar energy on an ongoing basis. The three winners will ensure that the solar modules used in the project are warranted for peak output wattage, which should not be less than 90 per cent at the end of 10 years and 80 per cent at the end of 25 years from the date the project began operating commercially. The declared capacity utilisation factor cannot be less than 19 per cent over a year and will be maintained by the auction winners.

Recently in November 2022, MSEDCL requested bids for 230 MW of solar power from state-developed projects. MSEDCL has set a ceiling tariff of Rs 3.30 per kWh. According to the tender guidelines, the bidders must pay a processing fee of Rs 10,000 per MW plus 18 per cent GST and an earnest money deposit of Rs 100,000 per MW of the quoted capacity.