Haryana government notifies its EV policy

The Haryana Government has notified their Electric Vehicles (EV) Policy 2022.The policy aims to promote the manufacturing of EVs and their components in the state. With the formulation of this policy, research and development in the field of EVs will be encouraged. In addition to strengthening the infrastructure, provisions have been made in the policy to reduce the upfront cost of EVs. 

Further, the EV policy offers various financial incentives to EV manufacturers by giving incentives on fixed capital investment, net state goods and service tax, stamp duty, employment generation, etc. Notably, there is 100 per cent reimbursement of stamp duty along with exemption in electricity duty for a period of 20 years.

The policy includes provisions to lower the initial cost of electric vehicles in addition to strengthening the infrastructure. Buyers of Hybrid EVs will also benefit from this. It also includes programme for charging and battery swapping stations, a programme for state reimbursement of goods and services tax, a programme for capital subsidies, a programme for employment generation subsidies, a programme for electricity duty exemptions, a programme for stamp duty reimbursement, a programme for patent fee reimbursement, a programme for R&D incentives, and a programme for human capacity building excellence centres.