Western Railway harnesses solar energy at its railway stations and service office buildings

Western Railway (WR) is making significant steps towards green and clean railways. This effort has been taken in lieu of the commitment to energy saving and environment conservation. In this direction, WR has installed solar plants across various railway stations and service office buildings that will generate clean energy. This would help in savings o­n the energy bills.

WR has adopted several initiatives to curb pollution and for reducing carbon emissions. One such initiative involves installation of solar plants across railway stations and at office buildings. Solar plants of 6,635 KWp capacity have been installed at 97 railway stations over WR while solar plants of 3,920 kW capacity have been installed at over 46 railway office buildings. 

In the year 2021–22, 7,553,178 KWh of green energy have been generated by these solar plants, thus resulting in savings of more than Rs 30 million on energy bill on account of difference in per unit cost of energy supplied by electricity boards in comparison to cost of energy generated by solar plants.