GR Promoter Group and H2B2 form joint venture

GR Promoter Group, an India based company has formed a partnership with Spain’s H2B2 Electrolysis Technologies (H2B2) to develop green hydrogen solutions. Each of the two partners will own 50 per cent of their new company, GreenH Electrolysis, which will be based in India. GreenH Electrolysis will develop green hydrogen production plants based on off-taker agreements and manufacture water-based electrolysers. It will cover the entire hydrogen value chain, including innovation, design, engineering, manufacturing, integration, financing, and support for modular hydrogen production systems and industrial solutions capabilities.

H2B2 and GR Promoter Group will combine their resources and expertise through this strategic partnership. Also, they seek to expand their operations to other Asian countries.

GreenH Electrolysis’s first project will be the installation of an electrolyser manufacturing plant. The plant will begin with a 100 MW capacity and scale up to a hydrogen gigafactory. Work is scheduled to begin in early 2023.