MNRE has notified the National Bioenergy Programme

MNRE has continued the National Bioenergy Programme for the period from 2021-22 to 2025-26. The programme has been recommended for implementation in two phases. The Phase-I of the programme has been approved with a budget outlay of Rs 8.58 billion. The National Bioenergy Programme will comprise of three sub-schemes including- waste to energy programme (programme on energy from urban, industrial and agricultural wastes /residues) to support setting up of large biogas, bio compressed natural gas (bioCNG) and power plants (excluding municipal solid waste to power projects); biomass programme (scheme to support manufacturing of briquettes and pellets and promotion of biomass (non-bagasse) based cogeneration in industries) to support setting up of pellets and briquettes for use in power generation and non-bagasse based power generation projects; and biogas programme to support setting up of family and medium size biogas in rural areas.