EKI Energy and First Source Energy collaborates for climate edtech and climate finance

EKI Energy Services, a carbon credits developer has partnered with First Source Energy India and its promoter and promoter group to launch a climate edtech and climate finance marketplace. The joint venture formed by both the companies will be named as ClimaCool Projects & EduTech Limited. 

This joint venture will promote educational initiatives and provide specialised courses in a variety of climate subjects such as carbon market, carbon accounting, carbon credits, climate finance, renewable energy, electric vehicle, green hydrogen, ESG, and net-zero among others. It will make it easier to raise funds to fund strategic climate interventions such as community-based projects, sustainability, and renewable energy projects around the world.

The organisation will create projects that will provide rural residents with easy access to climate-friendly technological solutions for basic home needs such as cooking, drinking water, and lighting. These projects will also strengthen the backward integration of the carbon credit supply chain by incorporating credits with greenhouse gas mitigation capabilities.


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