MoP issues directions to RLDCs for scheduling of power under the renewable energy bundling scheme

The Ministry of Power (MoP) has issued directions to regional load dispatch centres (RLDCs) for scheduling of power under the renewable energy bundling scheme. The revised scheme on flexibility in generation and scheduling of thermal/ hydro power stations through bundling with renewable energy and storage power was issued on April 12, 2022. Clause 6.4 of this scheme provided for replacement of thermal/hydro power of any generating station with renewable energy power. In the context, Power System Operation Corporation Limited had sought a clarification on the requirement of an additional agreement for scheduling the power.

The matter has been examined and it has been clarified that renewable energy capacity can be set up anywhere and dispatched to any generating station or its beneficiaries. There is no requirement of an additional contract or agreement for scheduling of power. The power generated from the generating station may be scheduled to procurers under a power purchase agreement or sold in the exchange. Accordingly, RLDCs, under Section 37 of the Electricity Act, 2003, have been directed to give effect to the provisions of Clause 6.4 of the scheme and schedule power under the renewable energy bundling scheme.

Recently in September 2022, MoP announced amendments in the guidelines for tariff-based competitive bidding process to procure round-the-clock power from grid-connected renewable energy projects. These guidelines were initially launched in July 2020 under Section 63 of the Electricity Act of 2003.



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