Vikram Solar unveils 660 W bifacial solar modules

Vikram Solar has unveiled new mono-PERC bifacial modules named Paradea 660 W. These are glass-glass modules with front-side power outputs ranging from 635 W to 660 W. The multi-busbar panels have efficiencies ranging bet­we­en 20.38 per cent and 21.18 per cent. With the dual-glass modules, bifacial ga­in can reach up to 25 per cent, providing a total power output of 825 W. There are 132 half-cells in the modules. A panel weighs 39.3 kg and has dimensions of 2,391 mm x 1,303 mm x 35 mm. The open-circuit voltage is typically between 45.8 V and 46.3 V during testing. The short-circuit current range is 17.76 A to 18.17 A. Large-scale utility sy­s­tems, bu­si­­ness and industrial systems, and roof­top systems for homes are all intended applications for the modules.

Paradea are multi-busbar solar modules that reportedly involve less balance of system costs to reduce the levellised co­st of energy and thereby improve the val­ue proposition. The product incorporates the latest technology with maximised bifaciality gain, making it fit for highly reflective surface areas such as snow, sand and gravel. With up to 25 per cent bi­facial gain, the modules boast of an additional power yield with a performan­ce lifetime of 30 years. The modules re­portedly have two peak performance tim­es, during sunrise and sunset, with optimum utilisation of dual-facial generation. In addition, their lower internal resistance boosts module power, helping ac­hieve minimal power loss when compared to previous variants. They are suitable for deployment across a wide range of geographies including India, the Middle East, Europe and the US.


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