REIL issues empanelment tender for EV charging stations across India

Rajasthan Electronics and Instruments (REIL) has issued a tender to appoint agencies to identify, install, operate, and maintain 738 electric vehicle (EV) charging stations across India. The appointed agency will invest in upstream electrical infrastructure for charging stations such as transformers, cabling, load enhancement, a new electrical connection from the distribution company (discoms), and recurring expenses such as data charges, maintenance, and workforce for operation. The Department of Heavy Industries has allocated REIL charging stations in two categories A and B. They will be eligible for subsidies under the FAME India Phase II programme. Category A includes charging stations that are set up in public places for commercial purposes to charge EVs and are open to the public without restrictions.

The charging stations established on the premises of a state or central government office complex, government hospitals, government educational institutions, or any other public office for non-commercial use are included in Category B. As a performance bank guarantee, the appointed agency must provide a bank guarantee for a sum equal to 10 per cent of the total cost of all category A and B type chargers to be installed for the designated groups. The performance guarantee is valid for up to ten years after the contract is signed. REIL has divided the cities designated for EV charging station installation into three groups: Groups 2, 3, and 4.

According to the tender guidelines, the bidders must have an experience in the automobile industry including e-mobility, or in the business and operation of EV charging infrastructure to be eligible. They should have mobile application development experience, information technology know-how, a trained IT workforce, and IT infrastructure facilities.

Additionally, bidders must have strong financials and the ability to invest at least Rs 200 million in the EV charging infrastructure business. To operate the EV charging infrastructure, bidders must also have an all-India support network. REIL will transfer ownership of the charging station to the appointed agency after ten years from the date of installation. The deadline for submitting bids online is October 6, 2022.



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