OERC permits GRIDCO to procure 200 MW solar power for meeting RPO

The Odisha Electricity Regulatory Commission (OERC) has approved a power sale agreement (PSA) between the Grid Corporation of Orissa (GRIDCO) and NTPC Limited for 200 MW of inter-state transmission system (ISTS)-connected solar projects to meet the state’s renewable purchase obligation (RPO).

The commission stated that the tariff proposed by NTPC appeared competitive for a 25-year period. The tariff will be exempted from the impact of basic custom duty and will be eligible for a waiver of ISTS charges and losses. The commission noted that, in addition to the current tied-up capacity, there may be an additional renewable power requirement beyond financial year 2024-25 to meet enhanced RPOs.

Recently in September 2022, NTPC Limited entered into an agreement to supply renewable energy to Military Engineering Services. This will help in gradually decarbonising the armed forces. A power purchase agreement for renewable energy from NTPC Solapur and power uses agreement for renewable energy from upcoming NTPC Khavda has been signed.



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