CEL floats bids for 1.5 million multicrystalline solar cells

Central Electronics Limited (CEL) has floated bids for the supply of 1.5 million multicrystalline solar cells with an output of 4.68 W or higher. As per the tender guidelines, bidders need not submit any earnest money deposit for the tender. The bidding procedure will only be open to original equipment manufacturers or their authorised representatives who have a valid authorisation from them. Moreover, the bidders should ensure that the manufactured modules using the supplier’s cells shall comply with IEC 61215/IS 14286, IEC 61730, and IEC 62804 standards. The bid submission deadline is August 16, 2022. 

Recently in this month, CEL requested bids for the supply of 3 million multicrystalline solar cells wherein 1.5 million cells should be rated with a minimum peak output of 4.68 watts and another 1.5 million rated for 4.63 Wp. According to the tender guidelines, the vendor’s manufacturing capacity for multi-crystalline solar cells must be at least 30 MW per year in order to be eligible.