The Energy Conservation (Amendment) Bill, 2022 passed in Lok Sabha

Lok Sabha has passed the Energy Conservation (Amendment) Bill, 2022 that was introduced on August 3, 2022. The Energy Conservation Act of 2001 is being modified by this bill and encourages energy saving and efficiency. The bill gives authority to the central government to establish guidelines for energy usage. The Bill further states that the designated consumers may be required to meet a minimum percentage of their energy needs from non-fossil sources. For various non-fossil sources and consumer categories, different consumption levels may be established.

The Bill empowers the central government to formulate a carbon credit trading system. The central government or any authorised agency may grant carbon credit certificates to entities registered under and in compliance with the scheme. The Act also gives authority to the State Electricity Regulatory Commissions (SERCs) to levy fines as per the Act. The Bill also states that SERCs may issue regulations to carry out their duties.

The Act allows for the specification of energy consumption standards for equipment and appliances that consume, generate, transmit, or supply energy. Also, it grants the central government the right to specify energy conservation codes for buildings. It includes a “energy conservation and sustainable building code” that can be established as standards for energy efficiency and conservation, the use of renewable energy, and other green building requirements.The Act calls for the establishment of the Bureau of Energy Efficiency Bureau that can be governed by a governing council of 20 to 26 members.


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