BSLBATT unveils a new battery storage system

BSLBATT has unveiled its new battery storage system, BSL-BOX-HV, which features a high voltage battery system with a flexible modular design and no internal cables. The battery system features a reliable lithium-iron phosphate battery technology, which ensures maximum safety and long life. It is also capable of stacking 3-7 battery modules with available capacities from 15.36 kWh to 35.84 kWh and voltages from 153.6 V to 358.4 V. The product features quick and easy installation, taking about three hours on average. It has a 10-year product warranty. BSLBOX-HV has the potential to achieve a minimum of 9,000 cycles at 80 per cent depth of discharge. The device can be used either for off-grid installations or as an additional power system in case of failure. Energy storage systems using BSLBATT high voltage batteries (greater than 120 V DC) reportedly have many advantages for homes with solar power systems.